Expedition Series

On these longer tours you will be fully immersed in the off road riding experience. Traveling through some of the most stunning landscapes that America has to offer. Off the beaten path and away from the crowds. We offer multiple tours covering CO, UT, AZ and NM. Sleep, Ride, Eat - Repeat!  


Basecamp Series

Our Basecamp series are multi day training tours designed around a singular basecamp or hotel. With 2 to 3 days riding, new terrain each day and without the need to pack up and move on every morning. We currently offer basecamp tours in CO, AZ and UT with more to come soon. Click below for more information.

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Minicamp Series

Standard Minicamps: 

These are 1 day, 2 part training sessions designed for beginner and intermediate riders who want to create or build upon their off road riding foundation

Overnight Minicamps:

These are overnight training courses that focus on self sustained motorcycle camping.